Enduro MTB in Czech Republic

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The three best trailcenters in Czech Republic and Germany plus the best trails of the local Enduro races. The best Enduro tour in Central Europe.

Prices per person

  • Single: 925€
  • Group of 2 or 3 people: 825€
  • Group of 4 to 5 people: 795€
  • Group of 6 to 8 people: 765€

Dates 2018:

  • TBC

Tour plan and included items

  • Pick you up in Prague on Saturday and leave you again in Prague next Saturday
  • Transfers from/to airport or city of Prague
  • All daily tranfers
  • Bed and breakfast 7 nights (last one in Prague city)
  • 6 riding days
  • Welcome pack
  • We´ll take you to two local breweries
  • Certified MTB guide (Languages: Spanish/English/Czech/French).

Day 1: Arrival to Prague

We´ll pick you up at the airport, and heading directly to the city center to change some money into the local currency, the Czech Crowns. For your pocket safety, DON´T DO THIS AT THE AIRPORT, they will charge you big commisions and apply a very bad exchange rate. After that we will head directly to our first destination, the village of Sušice.

Day 2: Sušice

We start hard. The 6 stages of the Enduro X Race at the village of Sušice. Technical and with quite some pedaling.

42km, 1.400m of +/- elevation, and a total of 6 stages that we will ride without the pressure of time enjoying the trails in the Czech forest.

After finishing around 16:00, we will head to our following destination Trailcenter Rabenberg, already crossing the border into Germany.

Article at Enduro-MTB magazine

Day 3: Trailcenter Rabenberg

Located exactly in the border between Germany and the Czech Republic. 40km of singletracks for every kind of riders.

Flow, jumps, rocky  and rooty sections, wood ladders. All in one to enjoy nice trails big big berms specifically desinged and built for MTB. This have just started.

After the ridign day around 16:00, we will head to our next destination, the city of Liberec in the Czech Republic.

Trailcenter Rabenberg

Day 4: Ješted, Czech Republic

We will ride the 6 stages of the Czech Enduro series race at the snow resort of Ješted. Chairlift ticket included to enjoy riding the whole day.

Many chances in the afternoon, going to a local brewery, enjoy at the lake next to the lodging place…

Day 5: Nove Město Pod Smrkem

If you don´t know the meaning of the word “flow”, you´ll learn it here on first hand, and if you already knew it, perhaps you´ll revise its meaning at Singltrek Pod Smrkem.

80 km of trails designed and buitl with only one purpose in mind, “flow” for your bike.

A day of non stress and more pedaling. Enjoy 80km of flow trails. Will you be able to ride them all?

After the riding day, we´ll drive to the last trailcenter, Rychlebské Stezky.

Article at Enduro-MTB magazine

Day 6: Černa Voda

Rychlebské Stezky Ride Center: ¡¡Welcome to the jungle!!.

65km of enduro oriented trails, and building… We challenge you to complete the trail “Wales” without any feet on the ground and enjoy the probably best and longest flow trail in Europr, Superflow trail. 11km of rollercoasting trail for your bike. If Tom Pro says that (Former director of Whistler Bike Park for 8 years), that´s something.

Rychlebské stezky

Day 7: Černa Voda

RS Enduro Race: Pure enduro.

Also in RS, but not on the existing marked trails. Three long stages of the RE Enduro Race. You decide, continue enjoying the trail net, or join us to complete these other trails.

After finishing, we´ll pack everyting to go back to Prague, have a nice dinner at a local brewery and spend there the last night of this Enduro tour week.

Day 8: Time to leave

Pack everything and be ready to get to the airport.




Additional information

  • We will start the riding day at 09:00
  • We will make re-agrupations on every junction while going uphill or downhill. It is forbidden to overtake the guide unless he/she allows you to do it.
  • You are responsible of your acts, please respect the rules, environment, etc., to prevent any incident or accident.
  • It is mandatory for U.E. residents to hold the European Health Insurance card at least and any supplementary private insurance on your choice (not mandatory). If you don´t have one, Travelbike can refuse to guide you.
  • In case of accident or hospitalization the client should be self sufficient after dropping you at the hospital. We´ll do our best to assist you and help you, but that´s not our mission and we don´t have personal available for that, so you´ll have to cover your own the expenses for travels and get back to Prague. Bear in mind that we probably will have other customers and we have to continue our Enduro Experience with them.


  • Uphill: 4
  • Technical: 4

Take a look and verify your riding level in this document: levels for guided tours.

Total km
Elevation +
Elevation -
Beer´s quality 10/10

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